CVX external volume control

Extention volume control with large functional volume knob for changing the overall system volume without adjusting individual zones . Ideal for wallmounting or placement on a flat surface. Round design for easy recessed installation.

Extended master volume control

The System 9 Volume Commander is an external master volume control unit for use with the CVM Wireless Volume Master or the CGV Wired Volume Master. It has a sturdy design and is easy to use with a large volume control knob. The Volume Commander is designed to be mounted on a table or in a wall, so that the CVM or CGV can be hidden away. CVX purpose is to have master volume control easily ready for personel, while all zones level settings are left untouched in the CVM unit.



Connect to CVM or CGV
10 m cable for easy placement
Easy wallmounting
Flippable display

Type: External volume control unit 
Diameter: 115 mm
Height: 63 mm

Master volume control

The CVX purpose is to place the master volume control at a convenient place on location.

Easy to place or hang on wall

Place CVX to blend into the interior. The round design makes it easy for in-table mounting.

Functional and hands on design

A large turning knob and clear display makes handling extremely easy.

Flippable display

As cable can come from beneath or from above, the display is flippable to always have the characters the right way around.

Connect by cable to CVM and CGV volume control units

Cables? It's for a good purpose here. As the wireless CVM unit needs to be at same height as CTX transmitter for best wifi connection, the CVX is designed to take the master volume control down to earth.