Wireless + Wired

In some cases, under some conditions, you may need a backup plan if the wireless transmission doesn’t work in isolated areas. Just connect a cable to the nearest speaker that has wireless signal. This way, you can connect as many additional speakers as you like, including subwoofers, to the cable loop.

1. Start with wireless installation

Combining wireless and wired installation always starts with wireless setup. Areas out of range of transmitter can be accessed by cable.


2. Connect balanced cable 

Each speaker (CLS and CSW) has both wired input and output. From last speaker with good wifi connection, connect balanced cable from the line output. Then to next speaker's (CLS or CSW) line input. Speaker receiving audio signal by cable is set to Wired mode.


Continue with cable to more speakers

From speaker receiving signal by cable more speakers can be connected by cable. Connect in daisy chain or treee structure.


Set audio levels in zones

Adjust the speakers receiving wireless signal from the CVM wireless volume control unit. Speakers set to Wired mode can be individually adjusted (+/-20dB) by using the manual volume control on the back.