The Cloud 9 system is designed primarily as a wireless sound system. With a robust and dedicated wireless network, Cloud9 delivers music with no interruptions and superbly crisp CD sound quality. It’s easy to setup, and you will get wireless music in an instant. The powered CLS speakers gets its power from using existing 220V tracks, and the audio signal is wireless making installation process effortless.

Make settings on components

On all wireless units there are two switches concerning the wireless communication. Set same wifi channel (1, 2 or 3) on all units. Then set same ID Code (0-9) on all units. For speakers there are also a switch for which volume zone the speaker should play in. Plan the installation and make all settings before placing the units.


Place components

Place speakers according to your installation plan. For best wireless connection, place all wireless components approximately in the same height. The CTX transmitter should be placed as central as possible to ensure good wifi connection with all units. 


Connect a sound source and start playing

Connect your prefered sound source to the CTX transmitter. Connected to a computer, the CTX just plugs into a free USB port.
When connecting to other sound sources via the 3.5mm stereo input, the CTX must be powered by separate USB power supply (sold separately). 
Then just press play on your source or music player.


Fine tune audio levels in zones

Set levels in the different volume zones using the CVM wireless volume master. Which zone the speaker has is set manually on each speaker.
To have easy control over bass levels, have all subwoofers set to one zone.