If you are not ready to go all wireless just yet, we of course have an all wired solution for you to use. You can still use your existing trackbased armature for power and run cables to each Cloud9 speaker. So, even if you go wired, it is still as easy and innovative as wireless. This gives a robust and powerful installation taking advantage of the active speakers and subwoofers full potential.

1. Connect a sound source

Any sound source with line out can be connected to the CGV wired volume control. Dual inputs (RCA and 3.5mm stereo) makes it possible to connect two sound sources at the same time. Easily select source 1 or 2 on CGV.


2. Make settings on components

All speakers in a wired setup must be set to LINE IN Wired Mode.
The CGV volume control unit handles overall master volume, if there is need for different audio levels in different areas, there is a manual volume control (+/- 20dB) on each speaker. 


3. Place components and connect cables

Connect all speakers with balanced cables, beginning from the dual outputs on the CGV unit. Then connect all units to power and start playing.
Speakers can be connected to each other in a daisy chain or a tree structure.