If there occur problems with Sonab System 9 installation or performance, please first go through the troubleshooting to see if the problems can be solved.

Wireless - Are you using more than one CTX transmitter?

Make sure that the CTX’s aren’t running on the on same Channel and ID Code. If more than one CTX uses the same Channel and ID Code, signal interference occurs. Disconnect one CTX, or change the Channel and ID Code.

Wireless - Are you using the same Channel/ID Code on transmitter and speakers?

Make sure the same Channel/ID Code is set on all units in the system.

Wireless - How far apart are the transmitter and receiver?

If distance between the transmitter and receiver is too far, the, connection might be lost. Try placing the transmitter and receiver in closer proximity, does this help?   

Wireless - Are there walls between the transmitter and loudspeakers?

If your premises has thick concrete walls, or walls of plaster with wire lath, the wireless range will decrease. 
Try placing transmitter and speakers in the same room, does this help? 
(If this helps, use CEX extender, or go by wire around walls and difficult wireless areas.)

Wireless - Are there more wireless networks in the area?

If there are many wifi networks running in the area, wireless range can decrease. There are useful apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Android to detect local wifi networks and see which channel might be crowded. You can also try to change the channel on your wireless router to improve SONAB network range and your own network wifi performance. (SONAB network transmits on channel 1, 6 or 11.) 

Wireless - Is the computer connected to the internet via cable or wifi?

The SONAB network can weaken a local wifi network (but not weaken itself). 
If possible, you should change channel on your wireless router, the SONAB network transmitts on channel 1, 6, or 11. Choose a new channel on your router, for example 3, 8 or 13. (in total there are 13 channels on the 2.4 GHz band.) There are useful apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Android to detect local wifi networks and see which channel might be crowded.

If you cannot change the channel on your wireless router, try connecting computer via Ethernet cable 
instead. Does this help?

Wireless - Are there Bluetooth units active in the area?

Shut down all active Bluetooth devices. Does this help?

Wireless - Is the LED light on the transmitter blue?

If the light is red, try moving the transmitter and receiving units closer together. 
Does this turn the LED blue?

Wireless - Windows 7 and Mac OS, sound output

When connecting the CTX transmitter to a computer using Windows 7 or Mac OS, you need to select the sound output. Go to: system settings, find sound settings and select SONAB as your sound output. (In older Windows OS there is no need for this, CTX will take over automatically as sound output device.)

Wired - Are you having trouble with your wired connection?

- Make sure that all wiring is made with shielded balanced cable with conductors for plus(+), ground, minus (-)

- Make sure that all wiring is tightly secured in the connection blocks.
- Make sure that the contact block containing the wiring is firmly in place in the speakers corresponding contact block. 
- Make sure that all speakers are in “wired mode”.
- Make sure that the wiring is not mixed between the speakers (+ to +, ground to ground, - to -)