Sonab introduces System 9 wireless sound system

Sonab Audio presents a unique world premiere: System 9 – a revolutionary sound system for shops, restaurants, bars and hotels. System 9 is a wireless sound system designed to be extremely simple to install and maintain, whilst at the same time taking the shopping experience to new levels. The right sound and the right music, at the right volume will increase the customer store experience and sales.

Press release 05-2012

Sonab System 9 speakers are as simple as they are innovative. They are connected to existing 230V spotlight tracks – not plug-n-play, but snap-n-play. The active speakers receive power from the track and the sound signal wirelessly. There’s no need for cables to be installed, as the speakers are simply attached to the track where you want the sound. Should you wish to change the placing of the sound, you just connect the speaker elsewhere. The wireless transmitter can be connected to any sound source, including Mac/PC.

Simplicity, flexibility and premium quality sound makes System 9 the public sound of the future. 


Benefits with Sonab System 9:

- Use of existing lighting tracks for power, gives extraordinary flexibility and versatility.

- Minimum installation cost and ease of use.

- Premium wireless sound quality

- Levels and zones, have different levels in different areas

- Failsafe and futureproof, with both wireless and wired setup options


The very basic idea with the CSystem 9 is to minimise installation costs and time, whilst still offering a flexible sound system that delivers premium sound quality.


Sonab System 9 products are designed with functionality in mind, and melts into the existing shop environment. Their form is reminiscent of spotlights, which makes them appear to be a part of the décor. The flat subwoofer, when hung on the wall, is hardly noticeable.


Volume and zones
In many cases stores don’t want the same sound level throughout the entire store. At the pay desk you need to be able to talk with the customers, at the entrance you want to greet people properly, and throughout the rest of the store you want a more general sound level. With this in mind, it’s possible to create as many as six different volume zones with the System 9. Each zone is easily managed from a central volume control unit.


Premium sound quality
Sonab Audio has long experience of producing and designing high quality speakers, both in terms of design and sound. And the System 9 speakers are no exception – they deliver premium hi-fi sound.


Premium wireless quality
The Sonab System 9 uses the very latest wireless technology for sound transmission. The sound signal is sent uncompressed and is of the very best CD quality, meaning that high fidelity music files such as FLAC and Apple Lossless can be played without losing any of the sound quality. The network is also very fast with no audible sound delays throughout the entire network.


Premium build quality
Sonab System 9 is constructed to endure a public environment. Solid materials, proper connections and careful construction are the hallmarks of the whole System 9 collection.


Powered speakers
All System 9 speakers are powered with built-in amplifiers. Together with a digital signal processor (DSP) and digital distribution filters, they produce vastly superior performance compared with regular speakers. Each speaker is given a tailor-made frequency curve, optimising both amplifier and speaker elements. The subwoofer and main loudspeaker are optimised in relation to each other, ensuring the least possible distortion, without the need for manual adjustment. 


Wireless and wired possibilities
A System 9 installation is always totally reliable and robust. The speakers can therefore be used both with and without a balanced cable. You can have an entirely wireless installation, or a combination of wireless and cable. The system can also be setup with cable only.


System 9 is green
Thanks to advanced digital amplifier and sound processing, the System 9 Loudspeakers are much more energy efficient than traditional amplifier/speaker combinations. Even when playing at high SPL levels, the speakers only need a few watts, while the CTX transmitter runs on a few microwatts. When not in use, the System 9 speakers automatically switch off into energy-saving standby-mode.