CEX wireless range extender

Highly advanced and innovative dual band wifi extender

Extend and bypass

The System 9 CEX Extender extends any existing Sonab Audio network by up to 100 metres. Not only does it extend, it also helps to cure potentially difficult Wi-Fi conditions in your store, at your office or in your hotel, such as concrete walls or other interior obstacles. The CEX Extender involves two units, which send or recieve in the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands, for a stronger signal between the units when conditions demand it. For example; place CEX units on each side of difficult wall and signal will be transmitted to speakers on other side of wall. 





Wireless features
Extended range: 20–100 m depending on conditions
RF band (WIFI): 2.4 GHz
RF band between units: 5.8 GHz 
Wireless full CD  audio quality
No interference or delays
Sample rate: 48 KHz
Plug n’ play, no software needed
Dedicated proprietary network protocol
Channel sniffing and frequency hopping
3 channels with 10 ID codes on each channel

Type: WiFi wireless extender
Channels: 3
ID codes: 10
Heigth: 110 mm
Width: 95 mm
Thickness: 30 mm

Extends Sonab network up to 100 m

Extends the audio network up to 100m, depending on conditions on location.

Bypasses difficult wifi conditions

Use CEX to bypass wifi obstacles such as thick concrete walls or metal wire mesh.

Extend network in several directions

Unit 1 of CEX can send signal to several unit 2, enabling extending network in more directions.